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Here, you will find a number of innovative items that serve to improve your standard of living and reduce the costs in the process.

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"Why the Inventionaire thing?"

I started my voyage into consumer oriented solutions just after graduation from University, with a patent awarded from the US office in 1994.

Five years later, I found myself reading with disgust a newspaper article which covered the goings on at an energy conference in Ontario, called by Dick Cheney, the US Minister of Energy (who also happened to be the CEO of Haliburton and would also become the US Vice President for 8 years). He curtly quantified the projected energy needs of the US for the next 25 years and just how much of it he expected to be getting from Canada. He pretty much told us what they were going to pay for it, as well.

But that wasn't the offense that I took from his arrogant display. It was that he also described what kinds of energy are to be developed, citing the same old carbon based environmental killers as always (the ones into which he's heavily invested). And he discounted all other options with a single wave of the hand, summarily dismissing wind, solar, geothermal, and other such sources as 'pipe dreams'.

Needless to say, I was instantly possessed with a new and permanent life purpose. And I'm sure, based on the content of this site, that you can guess what it might be.   : ]

Long live the human race, much to the preemption of those who would destroy it for profit.

As an Inventor, I've always shown fascinating ingenuity. From an early age I was compelled to find solutions to both common and uncommon problems. So I studied Music, receiving my University degree in 1989. In pursuit of my sheepskin, I also studied physics, geophysics, climatology, hydrology and cosmology. I was awarded my first US patent in 1994 and since have also filed provisional patents for other inventions. From my first foray into the alternative/clean energies arena, throughout my more than 15 years in the research, prototyping and testing of many different technologies, my innovation and persistence have proven to be positively infectious. In past years, I have spent much time teaching sustainable/renewable energy concepts and techniques, including HHO technology, to the public laymen, teachers and children alike. I also donate time to local non-profit organizations and have even assisted one in particular with oxyhydrogen augmentation of their 20 passenger bus, helping to reduce emissions and fuel consumption on their cross country trip. Quite a few years ago, I invented and developed for sale a set of plans to build a solar oven assisting device, which constantly tracks the sun's movement and rotates the oven for maximum cooking efficiency. Among other products, I also sell pulse width modulators and related products to new energy investigators - recently releasing Version 2.2 of the 50-50 Resonance box.

Explore. Discover. Perhaps purchase. But, above all, enjoy.