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In Pursuit of Meyer's Dream

Desk thumping look at Resonant Theory with sexy circuit 'n' scope shots.
When it comes to splitting water in to oxyhydrogen, with the intent to use it as fuel, the key is efficiency. Stanley Meyer was convinced that the true path involved a resonant process, very similar to a coil/capacitor resonant tank circuit, used quite commonly in electronics.
In our attempts to follow in his footsteps, a bench sized pulse width modulator is just as vital for the researcher/prototyper/tester as the oscilloscope. More so, the PWM should have its pulse width controls set to play with either side of a perfect 50:50 duty cycle.

Common 555 timers aren't a good choice. Yet, they pervade the public design contributions nearly across the board. I have created a much better tool.

Update... I used to offer the 50-50 Box for sale for $297.00. But that was 4 years ago.
I've had to set up shop in a completely new location, and I'm almost done.
Over the past couple of years, I've developed an entirely new circuit for this device.

The 50-50 V2 will be available very soon. Stay tuned.

Here are two videos that I produced to explain what Meyer had in mind regarding resonance:
What does HHO Resonance Look Like? Parts 1 and 2

I wish you success in all of your cleaner, greener fuel development goals.

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